Outlook send as/send on behalf emails in own Sent Items folder

Open registry editor and navigate to:


Create DWORD key called: DelegateSentItemsStyle

and assign value of: 1



Import Outlook auto-complete list (nk2)

Note: from Outlook 2010, the .nk2 file has been replaced with autocomplete file

For importing .nk2 file, place the .nk2 file with the same name as the Outlook profile into %appdata%/Microsoft/Outlook folder

Start -> Run: outlook.exe /importnk2

For importing autocomplete.dat file, place the file into c:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\RoamCache and change the file name to the same as the current profile (e.g. Stream_Autocomplete_0_48B9D3F76F0DDC4B9EA0C6F1BA52307A.dat)

Start -> Run: outlook.exe /importnk2