MAC OS X: Install Oracle Instant Client (sqlplus)






Unzip into one folder: instantclient_xx

Open terminal, enter following command:

sudo cp instantclient_xx/sdk/include/*.h /usr/include

sudo cp instantclient_xx/sqlplus /usr/bin

sudo cp instantclient_xx/*.dylib /usr/lib

sudo cp instantclient_xx/libclntsh.dylib.11.1 /usr/lib

Run sqlplus in terminal using following format:

sqlplus username/password@hostname:port/sid


Oracle Database VM Approach

1. Download and Install Oracle Virtual Box

2. Download Oracle Developer Day VM from

3. Open VirtualBox and Import the ova image downloaded above

4. After importing, open settings for the VM and open networking setup. Use NAT setup and configure port forwarding as below:


5. Start the VM. the login for VM as:

Username: oracle

Password: oracle

6. In the terminal, type: “emctl start dbconsole” to start the service

7. Oracle Application Express page: http://localhost:8888/apex/apex_admin

Login: obe

Password: obe

8. Oracle Enterprise Manager: https://localhost:1158/em

Login: sys

Password: oracle

Connect As: SYSDBA